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Reaction between sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), isopropyl alcohol, and acetic acid (vinegar)?

My initial hypotheses (on a 7-year-old question!) would be: Little to no mixing between isopropyl alcohol ("IPA") and the saturated aqueous bicarbonate solution. IPA is fully miscible with ...
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Is the reaction product favoured in this equilibrium: H2(g)+I2(s)><2HI(g) when K=45?

Yes, you're right that the products are favored. $$K_{c}=\frac{ [A]^{a}*[B]^{b}*[C]^{c}...}{[D]^{d}*[E]^{e}*[F]^{f}...}$$ where [A], [B], [C],... are the activities (essentially concentrations) of the ...
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Why don't oils use plastic droppers?

Some plastics are attacked or degraded by certain oils, which might ruin the dropper or make the oil unsafe by leaching chemicals into it. Glass is used because it's inert - the only chemicals that ...
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Why don't oils use plastic droppers?

It is (not always but often) about mutual chemical/physical compatibility. Glass vessels/accessories are generally used as general long term storage material in analysis of trace amounts of organic ...
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