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I left scented candles in a polypropylene container. How do I remove the smell?

The answer depends on (1) how patient you are (how much time you have), (2) how low a concentration of the offending substances you need to obtain, (3) whether you have someplace you can leave the box ...
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Removing carbon matter from molten beeswax

Hydrogen peroxide as suggested will possible just bleach the particles, not remove them. I think also, that the miscibility with an aqueous solution and wax may be a problem here. There are probably ...
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Could an airborne swarm of small insects explode?

A single insect can explode -- no swarm necessary. The bombardier beetle can do this multiple times sans rapid unscheduled disassembly (RUD); it emits a controlled "explosion" to deter ...
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I left scented candles in a polypropylene container. How do I remove the smell?

The search terms I'd suggest are "accelerated off-gassing" and "plastic deodorization". Here is a search result that looks relevant: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/...
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Nafta vs petrol

As matt_black commented, “petrol (gasoline) and naphtha are not pure compounds and represent variable mixtures of compounds with similar properties.” Thus, there isn't really a strict definition of ...
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What happens when isopropyl alcohol expires?

Isopropyl alcohol is well-known for its stability. That said, the extent to which it retains its properties after it expires is largely contingent upon the conditions under which it has been stored. A ...
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what off the shelf chemicals break the factory adhesive bonding paper gaskets to a steel plate in an automatic transmission?

Rather than cobble together your own chemicals to make a gasket remover, you might better use a commercial product, such as Permatex Gasket Remover or CRC® Gasket Remover, and careful scraping with a ...
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