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Why did it take so long to figure out what made Roman concrete so durable?

Tl;DR: Researchers who were investigating on this topic didn't consider a key component in the concrete mix. They were also puzzled by the mixing technique. These two reason caused the delay in ...
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How to neutralize the stink of decomposed fish?

The difference between fish hydrolysate and synthetic NPK is the world of plant beneficial microbes you are culturing and adding to the soil. Have those microbes work for you to reduce odour during ...
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What are these plates in LixC6?

The three "dies" (if you refer to the graphite planes on the left side of the picture that you provided) are just a convenient way to represent the graphite crystallographic lattice, see the ...
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What chemical makes the ‘smoky’ flavour in smoked paprika?

The National Institute of Health has provided a good list of chemicals found in "smoke" flavoring. Here are just a few: ...
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