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Is it safe to use borosilicate lab glass as an autoclave?

The temperature and temperature rate of change in an autoclave should definitely not be a problem with borosilicate glass. However, the pressure might be an issue, (if you mean 15 PSI gauge, that is, ~...
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How to remove glass shards out of a tiny hole to fit capillary tube?

It would be helpful with more specifications,yet here I am stating wider range of methods. 1.Here we would need a vacuum suction device else a powerful vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle attachment ...
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Changing of water in the Rotary Evaporator RC 600 affecting its performance

Independent of esthetics and chemistry, help the creature to get out of the bath. On occasion i) a round bottom flask accidentally slides out of your hand and drops into the bath. Or ii) a clip fails ...
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