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How can I read an Anschütz/Bennert manometer and how can I make sense of it?

All operations should be gentle: open the valve to the system evacuated if the vacuum applied is good enough, the level of mercury in the right hand (open) leg rises, the level in the left hand (...
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When Should you use grease to lubricate ground glass joints?

The greasing is not needed for the specific cases of steam distillation of volatile essential oils, perhaps should be even avoided. Using light greasing(*) of glass joints (not limited to ...
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Why potassium carbonate breaks glass when heated?

If the beakers are not made of borosilicate glass, it will react with the metal carbonate and break the glassware: Fusion with an alkali metal carbonate, usually anhydrous sodium or potassium ...
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Is it critical to match vacuum pump oil to specific pump?

Yes, it is critical to match vacuum pump oil to the specific pump. Different vacuum pumps have varying operational requirements and design considerations. Pump manufacturers provide recommendations ...
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How to attach soft tubing to glass

You do this with great care, putting rubber or plastic tubing onto glass tubing or taking it off is a major cause of injuries in a chemistry lab. I always saw that the most dangerous object in my lab ...
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