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Calculation of Reaction Extent as a Function of Pressure and Temperature: Issue with Activity-Based Approach

Since you asked for general assistance and I have dealt with these type of calculations, I will give you some general points as the question evolved these last days: The expression for the activity ...
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How does cell potential change with temperature for positive enthalpy and negative entropy?

The equation $\Delta G_r=-nFE$ helps as does $\displaystyle \Delta S_r=\left(\frac{\partial E}{\partial T}\right)_pnF$ where $\Delta G_r$ is the reaction free energy. The slope $\displaystyle \frac{\...
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Equilirium mixture of nitrogen dioxide and its dimer

Let: A = $\ce{N2O4}$ C = $\ce{NO2}$ The change in moles for this reaction is: $$\Delta n=2-1=1$$ I will provide an mathematical justification for each point: (1) The reaction takes place in a closed ...
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Solubility of lead carbonate

When lead salt reacts with sodium carbonate, a white precipitate of a mixture of lead carbonate and lead hydroxide forms: $$\ce{2Pb^2+ + 2CO3^2- + H2O -> Pb(OH)2 \downarrow + PbCO3 \downarrow + CO2 ...
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Calculation of Kc

Let: A = $\ce{H2}$ B = $\ce{I2}$ C = $\ce{HI}$ At equilibrium: $$C_A=1-x$$ $$C_B=1-x$$ $$C_C=2x=1.5\implies x=0.75$$ Calculating $K_c$: $$K_c=\frac{C_C^2}{C_AC_B}=\frac{\left(2x\right)^2}{\left(1-x\...
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Finding the molar ratio at equilibrium

Let: A = $\ce{SO2}$ B = $\ce{O2}$ C = $\ce{SO3}$ The only information given is the change in moles for the reaction and the volume decrease factor: $$\Delta n=c-a-b=1-1-0.5=-0.5$$ $$\frac{V_2}{V_1}=0....
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How can equilibrium constant be derived by irreversible reaction?

No matter what the kinetics, the equilibrium constant for the reaction $\ce{A <=> B}$ is $$K = \frac{[\mathrm{B}]}{[\mathrm{A}]}$$ On the other hand, the equilibrium constant for the reaction $\...
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