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Will the starting temperature of a substance affect the calculations of enthalpy of neutralisation?

Each mixing event will result in a change in the recorded temperature superimposed on the effect of the enthalpy released during the neutralization. Assume the acid and base solutions are at initial ...
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Is heat a state function when we consider an isobaric process in a closed system?

In equation (1) it is implicit that the path under consideration is reversible since the equality requires that $dQ=TdS$. A better way to identify when the heat behaves as a state function is to start ...
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Theoretical justification for the definition of standard enthalpy of reaction

...would the standard enthalpy of reaction be equal to the heat absorbed or released during the reaction? In other words, can the standard enthalpy of reaction be measured by just measuring the heat ...
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Standard enthalpies of reactions involving multiple gases as reactants

As @Chet Miller mentionned in comment, it does not matter for ideal gases but as a matter of definition : it is the total external pressure on the system that is equal to 1 bar to determine the "...
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Standard Enthalpy of Formation of Refrence state(A consequence or assumption) and H+(aq)

It would be bad if you set the enthalpy of formation for both diamond and graphite to zero because one can react to form the other (and the enthalpy of reaction is non-zero). However, it is fine to ...
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