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Such distillation is done every day in great quantities in closed ( air free) stills ; they are called refineries and chemical plants.


It would be extremely dangerous to use a flammable solvent for a heat bath because any spill on the hot plate (or even worse, a Bunsen burner) could cause a fire. If you want to distill off ether, it is by far better to just use warm water from a tap or a kettle, and replace your hot bath regularly. Trust me, ether can spontaneously catch fire VERY easily !...


Distilling your own spirits is fine and legal as long as you make no more than five gallons of finished ethanol. Anyways, you just need to throw out the first ounce or two of distillate if small scale, up two 4oz if large scale. That will be mostly methanol, other than that just be careful and God bless chemistry!

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