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As a quick fix: To access the IR spectral data of $\ce{HCl}$, I opted for a seach by (Hill) formula on NIST's web page, which yielded three entries here. For $\ce{HCl}$ in particular (here) I opted for the first one here, indeed offering the spectrum as image file or as JCAMP-DX. As in the comment by @EdV, this JCAMP-DX an ASCII file indeed. Note JDXview ...


You need to look for the data in a different way. You can use electrical conductivities to get the current flow the solution. From the imagined current flow you calculate how much hydrogen would be generated.


Alejandro, you are right, the electrolytes will make a difference. The difference is not in terms of hydrogen production per se, as Maurice mentions in the comments, it will be in terms of energy saving. Electrolytic reactions are "exact" in the sense that if 100 electrons reach the electrode from a battery, 100 hydrogen ions will be reduced. In other words, ...


I did find a work, 'Electrolyte Engineering toward Efficient Hydrogen Production Electrocatalysis with Oxygen-crossover Regulation under Densely Buffered Near-neutral pH Conditions', with comments of interest. I start with some background from the introduction: In recent decades, drastic progress in solar fuel production has occurred: photovoltaic cells ...

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