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Is there a theory behind selecting elements that may be successful in potential superconductors?

Yttrium compounds were known before. Yttrium's similarities and differences to lanthanum are known and explained by trends in the periodic table. The discovery of the first ceramic oxide ...
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Is the acceleration of the low-temperature allotropic conversion of β-form white tin by the presence of α-form grey tin really considered catalysis?

There are elements of catalysis present. Let's presume $\ce{A -> P}$ proceeds by a single elementary step. The two states of $\ce{A}$ and of $\ce{P}$ can be compared with each other by a change of ...
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What is the power density of graphite caused by the Wigner effect?

Some considerations: Every displaced atom kicks its peers somewhat in order to dissipate the extra energy from getting where it belongs. The release is triggered by heating the irradiated material. ...
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Undiscovered kinetically-hindered metastable phases

Certainly, it would be shocking to think we've discovered the forms of all minerals, whether metastable or durable at STP. New morphs are being found for compounds as common as water ($\ce{H2O}$) and ...
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