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What are the bubbles and crystals found in sodium acetate hot packs after use and storage in the solid form?

Hi random geologist here with relatives having a heat pack factory 1; bubbles form most prominently the longer you leave the pouch in crystallized state 2; if heated sodium acetate dissolves in its ...
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How do other elements fit into a diamond's carbon lattice (e.g. nitrogen in yellow diamonds)

Converting my comment into answer Your query has been answered in this article. So I am going to write the relevant parts. Nitrogen atoms are very small and have the ability to substitute for the ...
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What do the six polymorphs of chocolate look like?

To tackle the question of why form V is shiny, here a physicist refers to the shininess being attributed to long, skinny molecules all stacked nicely in line—which produces the clean, reflective ...
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Constituents of LaI2

As indicated by Nilay, the electrical conductivity does not come from atomic ions but from electrons that are transfered from lanthnum into a delocalized conduction band rather than to the iodine. ...
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growing flawless NaCl crystals

First, you need a good source of comparatively pure $\ce{NaCl}$; table salt won't do. Not only are there accidental impurities, such as salts of other alkali metals, but anticaking agents and iodides ...
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Does CsBr have BCC lattice or cubic?

Lattice and crystal structure are two different objects. A lattice exists in the geometrical space and is formed by lattice points characterized by having the same geometrical properties; on these ...
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