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Determination of the chloride concentration by the modified Volhardt method

Ok, your formula for calculating the chloride concentration: $$[\ce{Cl^-}] = \sqrt{\frac{K_\text{sp}}{[\ce{Pb^2+}]}}$$ is fine as far as it goes. The equation can give a ballpark estimate of the ...
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Why is the specific gravity of 0.9 % saline 1.0046?

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Best regression model for a sigmoidal pattern

The generalised logistic function might be a good fit for your data. You will probably have to test the effects of each parameter to determine whether you need them to model your data. At first glance,...
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Best regression model for a sigmoidal pattern

Use the R drc package which was created to solve your problem exactly: sigmoid regression; its acronym stands for Dose Response Curve. It is a well-established package backed up by scientific ...
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