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I think your second quote is referring to some polymers such as sodium polyacrylate, $\ce{[-CH2-CH(COONa)$-$]_n}$. This polymer is basically just the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid (or polymerized sodium acrylate). You can see below the ionic bond between the anionic carboxylate group and the sodium cation: However, the quote could be referring to so-...


Sulfur has a natural variation in the proportions of its isotopes (consider volcanoes, for example, which act as natural isotope fractionators). So the variation due to biochemical action is expected. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) discusses the use of sulfur (and oxygen) isotope ratio to determine the source of sulfur, temperature and pH in ...


Hydroxychloroquine certainly crosses the blood/brain barrier and there are reports of it having psychiatric side effects example here. It is not prescribed for psychiatric conditions details here

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