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$\ce{Na_xPO4}$ is a non-official way of defining any mixture of $\ce{Na2HPO4}$ and $\ce{NaH2PO4}$ solutions. It can be used for describing all mixtures contained in the reference of Cold Spring Harbor.


The Cold Spring Harbor protocol is probably fine. There is another recipe that uses a mixture of potassium and sodium salts (for better solubility). 50 mM NaxPO4, pH 8 (and 0.5 M NaCl) This is a weird notation, and the x should be a subscript: Source: If you are concerned about correct ...


If you want that in an equation, is rather simple: $$\mathrm{nMg(OH)_{dissolved} = [Mg^{2+}]*V}$$ you can justify that piece of math with the dissociation equation itself. Please, note that we don't have any concentration of solid, because it doesn't make sense. What you have is the amount of solid that was dissociated into magnesium and base. Some random ...

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