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The answer is as simple as it will be unhelpful to your original question: There is no tautomer possible. Coumarin does not have a keto group, and there are no enolisable protons either. Coumarin consists of a benzene ring, connected to a heterocycle with the functional group lactone. The molecule is flat and the conjugation extends throughout it. What you ...


Compound which contain an - OH group in a side chain attached to an aromatic ring is known as aromatic alcohol. So option number (iii) is correct


The substituents (chains of carbon other than parent) should also be same For example 2-methylpentane and 3-methylpentane are positional isomer-


Aromaticity enters the reckoning only if the excess electron associated with the negative charge enters the conjugated pi electron system. In your case that does not happen. The negative charge is on a formally nonbinding pair on the carbon like other carbanions, but in a conjugated ring when you do not have a ligand on that carbon the electron pair takes ...

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