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Why does the Wurtz-Fittig reaction occur?

The reaction follow either or both of following mechanism: Organo-Alkali Mechanism: When the aryl halide is reacted with sodium metal, an intermediate organo-alkali compound is formed, which is ...
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Why does the Wurtz-Fittig reaction occur?

It is a question of randomization. Let's imagine that mixture of a moles of ArX and b moles of RX reacts with $\ce{Na}$. If the aryl halide Ar-X and alkyl halide R-X are reacting with about the same ...
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What test would give me a qualitative recognition of the presence of benzene in methylphenidate?

With my experience in Natural Products Chemistry, I think NMR is superior to any other method to identify a organic compound. And if you are a graduate student in any university you may get access to ...
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