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How does the molecule consisting of two bridged aromatic rings look in 3D?

This is a cyclophane, namely 4,8-dibromo[2.2]paracyclophane. Lonsdale et al. [1] first structurally characterized [2.2]paracyclophane in 1960: The molecule consists of two facing benzene rings linked ...
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Reaction of 1,4-Dichlorobenzene & Hydroxylamine

Sukhov et.al tried to aminate chlorobenzene and they found the products to be isomeric chloroanilines and chlorophenylenediamines but I am not if they went ahead and tried to aminate di/...
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Can anisole be nitrated only with nitric acid?

Yes, it is possible to nitrate anisole (methoxybenzene) using not only concentrated nitric acid $(\ce{HNO3})$, but also dilute $\ce{HNO3}$ (Ref.1). The nitration of anisole in aqueous nitric acid in ...
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Why are the C-C bonds in benzene closer in length to double bonds than single bonds?

Relevant to this discussion is the prediction coming from the Hückel model. As many readers know, for a single homoatomic cycle the Hückel model resolves into the Frost circle, which has a radius ...
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