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Possible technique for measuring pH in solutions

Measuring pH with current flowing is not an appropriate idea. You would like to measure something without chemically disturbing the system. The moment you pass current in a solution, you start to ...
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Would having a greater H-bond donor count make a substance more readily enter a twig?

All else being constant, more H bond donors/acceptors will correlate with lower hydrophobicity. Greater hydrophobicity is expected to lower aqueous solubility. This is a well known principle within ...
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Why isn't mercury electrode used to produce commercial element sodium?

Among other things, sodium amalgam is not really sodium dissolved in mercury in the manner that an aqueous sugar solution is sugar dissolved in water. Evaporate the water from the sugar solution and ...
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Drying salts with HCl solution

The $\ce{HCl}$ vapor given off certainly could be an issue. It's not only a health hazard, but would likely corrode the oven. Many stainless steels and nichrome are attacked at elevated temperatures ...
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Is there any electronic component to water conductivity?

When you transform water into a metal, it becomes an excellent conductor even in the absence of ions: [from the abstract] Insulating materials can in principle be made metallic by applying pressure. ...
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