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Is the line between physisorption and chemisorption species specific?

Take it as a conventional rule of thumb. If desorption enthalpy is not bigger than evaporation enthalpy, we can assume the cohesion forces of adsorbed molecules between each other and with the surface ...
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Activated charcoal for water filtration: Granules vs Pellets

Pellets are obtained by pyrolizing vegetal material which is of course made of living cells. When heating this material to high temperature, water is eliminated, the inner parts of the cells are ...
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Is BET equation applicable to only monolayer adsorption range?

In general, BET is applicable to low pressure range, not necessarily the monolayer adsorption range. According to BET theory, it is not necessary to have a fully formed first layer for the second to ...
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Understanding isosteric enthalpy (heat) of adsorption

Not saying that's an easy part we can force the surface coverage to have a constant value. This answer may be only partial since I am only showing the result in gas phase. I haven't done the ...
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