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Questions tagged [valence]

Use this tag for questions about the concept or meaning of valence. This should not be applied to question that merely mention the concept.

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Stability of atoms with 4 valence electrons [closed]

How do atoms with 4 valence electrons stabilize? Do they gain or lose 4 electrons? This might be a bit of a stupid question, but I'm not sure and I can't find anything online.
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Potassium Ethoxide Synthesis: Does the Reaction Involve Radical Processes?

Can Potassium Ethoxide be obtained by reacting the alcohol with metallic potassium? Considering that potassium, as a group one metal, has only one valence electron, would this reaction therfore ...
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Electronic Configuration of Atomic Numbers 20-28 and 29 (Calcium - Nickel) and Copper [closed]

I have always been confused as to why elements of atomic numbers 20-28, i.e., Calcium to Nickel have 2 valence electrons in their outer shell. Starting from Potassium, why is one electron present in ...
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What is electrovalency and covalency?

I know that valence is defined in the Gold Book, and valency, electrovalency, and covalency are not defined. However, there are some terms that are confusing me. According to the given definitions, a ...
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Valence, Variable Valence, and Valency

As per the latest IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology, informally known as the "Gold Book", the terms valency or variable valence are not defined; however, valence is defined as: The ...
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Valency and chemical formula

If an element valency corresponds to the group number in the periodic table, oxygen would be 6 right? The question states; Species: Li, O I assume Li is 1 and O is 6, so my chemical formula is $\ce{...
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Strange valence numbers? [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand why ChemReference sometimes lists the valence electrons as a number I don't expect. Take oxygen, for instance. It should have six valence electrons, however the site lists two....
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Calculate the valence of Fe2O3 [duplicate]

$$\ce{FeO}$$ Is called "Iron(II) oxide ". $$\ce{Fe_2O_3}$$ Is called "Iron(III) oxide ". The number in the parenthesis is "Valence" of the substance. Frankly, I don't know how to calculate such ...
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Calculating valence of oxides

Learning about oxides. Basically when oxygen is combined with a metal. $$\ce{FeO}$$ This is called "iron oxide (II)" according to my book. Apparently, the II represents the valence. But how ...
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How to get the valencies of elements?

How to find the valencies of elements by using its distribution of electrons? Please explain the method in simple words. Do you have to study the valencies or is there a simple way of remembering? PS:...
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