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For questions pertaining to elements beyond Uranium in the periodic table.

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Would it be plausible for dark matter to be an undiscovered highly unreactive element with a high atomic number? [closed]

I had thought about posting something in physics stack, but I already know it's possible for dark matter to be here on earth, like they say it's all around us...
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What is the correct electronic configuration of darmstadtium?

Some of the places, the electronic configuration of darmstadtium ($\ce{Ds}$) is given as $\mathrm{6d^9 7s^1}$ while at some other places, it is $\mathrm{6d^8 7s^2}$. Which among the two is correct?
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Heaviest atom with which chemistry has been performed?

The nucleosynthesis of superheavy atoms such as transactinides is an exciting area of nuclear physics, but not much of a playground for chemistry because My question is: what is the heaviest atom ...
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Is it possible to estimate how much Plutonium existed during the earth's formation?

Plutonium is a man-made element, but minute quantities of it exist on earth. It's probable the earth had much larger quantities of it during its formation as a planet, but most of it decayed due to ...
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Huge variation of the atomic size of Uranium

I've already posted this question in Physics Stack Exchange, but the answer that I received (actinide contraction similar to lanthanide contraction) is not convincing for me, or at least is not ...
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How many elements have been identified for which there are no known spectral lines?

Background: @ProfRob's answer to If there were undiscovered elements (119 on) in a star's spectral lines, could we tell? in Physics SE begins: I think that would be very difficult indeed. ...
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Should uranium hexoxide exist?

This compound of uranium called uranium hexoxide or uranium (XII) oxide is a theoretical chemical compound. The uranium should have an oxidation state of +12 ,the highest of any known chemical. The ...
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What are the consequences of having an element with an atomic number above 137?

In other words, is an element such as Feynmanium the last chemical element that can physically exist on a planet such as Earth?
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Is it theoretically possible that some STABLE isotopes from periods 8-10 exist on some distant planet somewhere in the universe?

By stable I mean a half-life of thousands of years at the very least. We may never have enough resources to synthesize stable isotopes from those periods, but is it theoretically possible that ...
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What happens if a proposed name for a new element cannot be abbreviated to a two-letter symbol?

Take the C-elements for example: C, Ca, Cd, Ce, Cf, Cl, Cm, Cn, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu. Imagine some newly synthesized element is to be named after the University of Colorado: Coloradium. Its symbol can't be ...
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Why was Lawrencium's symbol changed?

The initial proposal by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists for naming element 103 was "Lawrencium" with the symbol "Lw", However, while IUPAC accepted the name "Lawrencium" for the ...