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Questions tagged [symmetry]

The description of the symmetry present in molecules. Molecular symmetry is useful for explaining or predicting of a molecule's chemical properties.

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7 votes
1 answer

Are these two space groups in a group–subgroup relationship?

Given two crystal space groups, how can one determine if they are in a group-subgroup relationship? The specific case at hand is P 21/m 2/m 2/a (aka P m m a, #51) and P m m 2 (#25), but knowing how to ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How does one recognized Td/Oh symmetry in molecules?

The identification of point groups of a molecule is usually done following a strict scheme, either manually or algorithmically. In all textbooks I could find, however, the first step of the scheme is ...
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6 votes
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Is a 2-D periodic structure isomorphic with the surface of a torus, a sphere, neither or both?

When I was reading through the ADF-BAND tutorials, one of the toy systems presented was a 1-D periodic structure involving 3 collinear hydrogen atoms. The tutorial pointed out that, topologically ...
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