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Molar heat capacity of water at equilibrium

Molar heat capacity is defined as the heat energy given to one mole of substance to raise its temperature by 1 degree celcius (or 1 Kelvin) Mathematically, $$C_{m} = \frac {q}{n\Delta T}$$ Here's a ...
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What are the units of molar heat capacity for a process carried out at constant volume ($C_v$) for a monoatomic ideal gas?

I'm confused about what the units of $C_v$ for an ideal monoatomic gas are if we derive its value from the formula : $$ C_v = \frac{f}{2}R$$ where $f$ represents the degree of freedom at room ...
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Can anyone help me with the derivation for the formula of entropy?

I have this formula in the chapter of thermodynamics: $$\Delta S = n C_v \ln\left(\frac{T_2}{T_1}\right) + n R \ln\left(\frac{V_2}{V_1}\right),$$ where $\Delta S$ is entropy, $n$ moles, $C_v$ molar ...
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Which heat pad content materials will keep me warm the longest?

I am trying to find a good heating pad/bag for myself that keeps me warm for as long as possible (nonelectrical, heated once, then used until it gets cold). The classic is a hot water bottle, and ...
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Are Cp and Cv functions of temperature?

I have read that Cp and Cv are independent of temperature for the case of a perfect gas whereas for an ideal gas it will vary with temperature. The variation in Cp and Cv with temperature is ...
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