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Do alkali metals react with ammonia to form hydrogen gas?

I was recently studying about s-block alkali metals and I found the following reaction: $$\ce{\underset{alkali\\ metal}{M\phantom{_y}} + \underset{solution}{$(x +y)$ NH3} -> \underset{ammoniated\\ ...
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How does electrolytic conductance depend on solvation?

My textbook says: If the ions are strongly solvated their effective size will increase and hence their conductance will decrease P.s after reading my textbook, I don't think I'm sure what solvation ...
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Solvated Electrons

We all know that the alkali metals give solvated electrons in liquid ammonia which is responsible for the blue color of the solution. It is stated, "the blue color of the solution is due to the ...
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Hydration, Coordinate Bonding, and Reduction Potential in Groups 1 and 2 Elements [closed]

Whenever an alkali metal such as Lithium is hydrated/solvated, coordinate bonding occurs and it is the high hydration enthalpy of lithium which makes it the strongest reducing agent in aqueous ...
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Solutions of Group 1 and Group 2 metals in Ammonia

When we add Group-1 and Group-2 metals to liquid ammonia, they dissolve to form metal cations and solvated electrons. $$\ce{M + NH3(liq) -> M+ + e-}$$ Now, when the G-1 solutions evaporate, we get ...
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How to think of solvated electrons?

This excellent answer explains at length what's happening in this fascinating video entitled Liquid Electrons - Periodic Table of Videos. In the screenshot below, the metallic-looking solvated ...
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What is happening in this video of solvated electrons donated from sodium in ammonia?

I just saw the Periodic Video Liquid Electrons - Periodic Table of Videos where sodium is added to liquid ammonia. The demonstration shows that even if electrons are solvated, if you have a high ...
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