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For questions about the separation of mixtures and solutions into pure compounds

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Is it possible to separate/remove sugar from common drinks, such as juice?

Is it possible to remove sugar from a drink (for example, juice) using common household equipment?
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What is the state of stationery phase in paper chromatography?

As per my textbook: Partition Chromatography: Partition chromatography is based on continuous differential partiotioning of components of a mixture between stationary and mobile phases. Paper ...
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Why does HgCl2 react with HCO3^- but not with CO3^2-?

I have started learning Qualitative Salt analysis recently. When I was reading about tests to distinguish $\ce{CO3^2-}$ and $\ce{HCO3-}$, I came across a line in a book which states $\ce{HgCl2}$ ...
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Does the distillation of alcohol cause the fractioning of isotopes and carbon-12 enrichment?

In water, distillation causes fractioning of the $\ce{^{18}O}/\ce{^{16}O}$ oxygen isotopes (Wikipedia). Does something similar happen to the $\ce{^{13}C}/\ce{^{12}C}$ and possibly $\ce{^{14}C}$ ...
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