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Saponification is the conversion of lipids into soap and alcohol by the action of heat in the presence of aqueous alkali. Soaps are salts of fatty acids.

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Optimizing Saponification Time for Oil Residue Removal from Fabrics with Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) at Different Temperatures

community, I'm delving into the specifics of using $\ce{Na2CO3}$ for cleaning fabrics, specifically aiming at optimizing the saponification process to remove oil residues. Given the nature of the ...
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Soap equation using potash

I'm trying to understand the chemical formula of soap using potash ($\ce{K2CO3}$) as they did in antiquity instead of using sodium hydroxide ($\ce{NaOH}$) or potassium hydroxide ($\ce{KOH}$). I've ...
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How strong (molarity) does NaOH solution need to be to saponify fats?

I have some large cast iron hob grilles of an awkward shape, and want to clean the burnt-on fat from them using NaOH solution. I have two options Use a small amount of a strong solution, with a brush ...
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Which one reacts first with NaOH; Triglycerides or FFA?

I want to saponify Crude Palm Oil (CPO) with NaOH. The CPO itself contains 97,35% of triglycerides and 2,5% of free fatty acids. Which one reacts first with NaOH?
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Can two 1st order reactants in an overall 2nd order reaction have different rates?

I've recently done a saponification reaction of ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide and used the initial rates method to find the order of reaction. (I change the concentration of one reactant and ...
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Where do the chloride ions go during saponification precipitation?

During saponification hydroxide ions from the lye join to the triglyceride to form glycerol, and the sodium bonds with the fatty acids making the soap molecules. However, it is sometimes the case that ...
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Molecularity of Saponification Reaction

I had a doubt while reading about the saponification reaction of esters in basic medium. What is the molecularity of the reaction and why? P.S - I think its bimolecular and heres why - The RDS of ...
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How to mitigate salicylic acid saponification?

I started to make soap a few months ago and came up with a few formulas, one of it contains salicylic acid as a exfoliant/anti-acne agent, I've just realized that since salicylic acid is, well, an ...
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Producing soap from sodium carbonate and oil

Can we get soap by mixing $\ce{Na2CO3}$ from seaweeds with oil? I am not good at chemistry and saw this in the anime Dr. Stone. I just want to know if it is true or not.
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Saponification side reactions

When soap is made from triglycerides and NaOH reacting, is saponification the only reaction that occurs or are there other side reactions. Information concerning this issue seems slim online
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Gelatination of solution in saponification

When I performed a saponification experiment in school, I added some ethanol to the solution (glycerol ester fatty acid + sodium hydroxide) to change the equilibrium of the reaction. (Molecules of ...
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Saponification value of a fat/oil

The saponification value of a fat was determined by adding $\pu{9.0 g}$ of the fat to flask containing $\pu{50.0 cm3}$ of $\pu{1.00 M}$ ethanolic potassium hydroxide. The remaining solution was ...
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Why does bleach feel slippery?

My high-school chemistry teacher taught us the mantra "bases are slippery-soapy-slimy!" This question and this answer in Quora say this is due to saponification - conversion of lipids from the top ...
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Concerted mechanism of saponification

The energetics of the mechanism of saponification were previously under debate, but I will admit, I misrepresented a point. Here is the revised mechanism of saponification proposed by someone other ...
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