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The study of the fluidity and deformation of materials under the influence of applied forces.

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What effect would decreasing melt viscosity by increasing melt temperature have on filler disaggregation in an extruder/compounder?

PLA has a melting point of around 150-160 degrees Celcius (the grade I am working with). I have microcellulosic fillers with aspect ratios that I am introducing to the polymer for compounding in a ...
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Does pH affect physical property of agarose and poly(acrylamide) gel?

We want to change pH in hydrogels of agarose and poly(acrylamide) by soaking into an acidic solution after gelation on pH 7.0. Then, the physical property is changed? Now, we consider the condition ...
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How to make rheoscopic fluid using glycol stearate flakes

Rheoscopic fluid can be made by adding mica powder to water. I read that mica powder can settle and condense after sitting around for a long time. So I want to use glycol stearate flakes instead. ...
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Is it possible to melt HDPE to a point where it has similar viscosity to engine oil?

I have a few pieces of HDPE that I want to melt and cast into a cube of around $\pu{5 cm}$ each side, similar to what one would do with cast resin. I tried putting it into an oven and heating it to $...
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Near melting thermoplastic material accumulates in the sharper corners. What is this phenomenon?

I have a part made of a thermoplastic material. When I heat it up and cool it down, the dimension of the part changes non-uniformly. Somehow the melted material tries to fill the sharper corners. So ...
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Single-molecule magnet with electrically-controlled permeability: How does the Titan Shield from Deus Ex work?

In a recent installment of Deus Ex game series there is an augmentation called "Titan Shield" (it has nothing to do with $\ce{Ti}$ element): A neodymium skin underlay matrix built of nano-...
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Why does chocolate melt so easily?

(Yes, I know the question sounds super-trivial... but bear with me here) Most chocolates (especially milk-chocolate) tend to melt into this sticky (albeit delicious) mess at temperatures slightly ...
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