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Questions tagged [phosphorescence]

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Data analysis in TCSPC for fluorescene decay (reconvolution with measured IRF)

I am trying to understand the data analysis of fluorescence decay counts measured by TCSPC technique, particularly with reconvolution with measured IRF. I am able to get the fitted counts (given by ...
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Common chemcials that produce phosphorescence

Are there any common lab chemicals or household stuff that produce phosphorescence? I am aware of ZnS, CaS, Fluorescein, Erythrosin B, Vanillin Benzaldehyde, Vitamin B2, Tryptophan etc. I just need ...
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Why does zinc sulfide have to be doped with silver to phosphoresce?

$\ce{ZnS}$ is a boring white powder and it doesnt glow in the dark, but if its doped with silver it starts to show some phosphorescent properties.How does silver force zinc sulfide to do that?
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When an electron is excited to a singlet state, must it flip its spin state to enter the triplet state and flip once more to the ground state?

I understand the Jablonski diagram in that it has intersystem crossing from the singlet state to the triplet state, but how many spin switches are necessary to complete to phosphores? When an electron ...
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