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Questions tagged [organotransition-metal-chemistry]

For questions about the use of transition metals in organic synthesis.

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Why is the Suzuki coupling done under inert atmosphere?

There are plenty of sources saying that the Suzuki coupling is air-sensitive (even though there are some versions that require oxygen). However I'd like to know why a typical Suzuki coupling is air-...
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Ene-yne metathesis product

In the ene-yne metathesis how to know which product will form predominately, as the mechanisms to both are plausible?
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D-d splitting in transition metal ions

Cu+2 ion has total of 9 electrons in its 3d orbital. When it undergoes d-d splitting an electronic transition can take place between t2 and e as in {Cu(CN)4}-2 complex because of the presence of one ...
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