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Gold Plating on Glass?

I am considering labware options to handle NaOH solutions at ~150 °C. One appealing idea would be to coat my current glassware with gold. I've read different sources mentioning the possibility without ...
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What noble metal is most resistant to oxidation by diatomic oxygen in air at room and elevated temperatures?

To clarify, by noble metals in this case I mean all platinum metals + gold, no copper, silver or rhenium. These noble metals are described as having low reactivity, but which one is least reactive or ...
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Why do noble metals like silver not form natural cubic crystals?

Pyrite forms cubic crystals, both in theory and in nature: However, the noble metals, like silver, that have cubic, face-centered lattices, do not seem to form cubic crystals in nature. One possible ...
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Gold/platinum + HF

I know that noble metals such as gold/platinum are unaffected by conc. mineral acids such as HCl or H2SO4 or HNO3 but Can be dissolved in aqua regia (mix of HCl and HNO3 in 3:1), but never heard about ...
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By how much does borax reduce the melting temperature of gold?

I'm researching ways in how to salvage gold from old electronics. I think I got the process down but I have one question. When you have salvaged the gold from the electronics you are left with gold ...
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Does fluoroantimonic acid dissolve noble metals?

Hello,Does fluoroantimonic acid dissolve noble metals? Nernst equation suggests that platinum would require pH ≈ −20.1 to be dissolved, using Hammett acidity function as an extension of pH ...
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Separation of Noble Metals for scrap recovery

I am researching scrap metal recovery as a side job and am hitting a wall with the noble metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium seem like they're all fairly easy to recover. I just can't find a ...
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Binding energies of transition metals in the 3d series

Binding energy of the transition elements in the 3d series increases up to vanadium then drops from chromium to manganese and then increases slightly and then drops again It is seen that binding ...
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What is the reason why galvanic series is in it's specific order?

I'm trying to understand why galvanic series molecular entities are in the order they are in. Why does $\ce{Cu(s)}$ reduce $\ce{Ag^{2+}}$ ions but not $\ce{Pb^{2+}}$ ions? there seems to be some kind ...
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