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At the atomic or molecular level, why are some macroscopic materials more flexible, compared to others?

Before answering this question, keep in mind that I am a 2 year Biology student, with limited experience in studying chemistry. I am going to make assumptions which I explain, feel free to correct ...
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Can metals have both Fracture Toughness and Elasticity properties? [closed]

Fracture Toughness is the resistance of a material to cracking and Elasticity is the ability to bend without breaking. I want to know if there is any metal or metal alloy that can easily bend without ...
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Can a ferrite magnet be impregnated with polymer to reduce its fragility?

Ferrite magnet is a ceramic material and consists of agglomerated crystalline domains with spinel structure. Like other ceramic materials, ferrite magnets are brittle. For example, here is a photo of ...
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Thermal properties of aluminium alloy 6063 [closed]

I am looking for the operating temperature range both in a cold and hot environments (minimum and maximum operating temperatures) for aluminium alloy 6063. I'm new to finding this kind of information ...
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Does the lamellar structure in say a copper-silver phase diagram have any unique mechanical properties?

For example, at lower amounts of silver the alloy gets stronger due to precipitation hardening, so in the composition as the wt% of silver increases how do the mechanical properties change? Both of ...
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Formulations for wax thermostatic element for effect in alternative temperature range

Wax thermostatic elements are used automobile cooling systems and anti-scald mixing valves to control flow rates or to adjust mixing of flow inputs. These devices operate on the principle of thermal ...
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Does motor oil get more viscous when heated & what is the meaning of the SAE motor oil code?

The motor oil in my 2004 Pontiac Vibe is 5W-30. My (incorrect) understanding of this SAE nomenclature is that 5W means "Viscosity index of 5 in the winter" (or when really cold - like $\pu{-30 ^\...
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What makes metals malleable and ductile? [closed]

Two well-known Physical Properties of metals is that they are malleable and dutile I was just wondering about what causes metals to be malleable and/or ductile and non-metals to be brittle? What ...
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What element has good conductivity but is also brittle? [closed]

I'm confused by what element(s) can be identified to have these properties. The following is text from my 2019-2020 Kaplan MCAT General Chemistry book under the metalloids section Silicon (Si) has ...
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Why are so many ionic compounds brittle?

Even when ionic compounds are strong (e.g. rubies and sapphires), they are neither malleable nor ductile in the slightest, and if sufficient stress is put on them, they will shatter, not bend. Why is ...
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Material that is flexible when cold but becomes brittle when hot

I'm looking for a material that I can use to make a mesh netting. It should be flexible and have reasonable tensile strength when cold but brittle when hot (>$\pu{400^\circ F}$). I want to use it to ...
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