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This tag is for physical and chemical properties of compounds that differ in isotope of specific atoms. Not to be used for isotope or nuclear specific questions, or compounds with isotopes in different arrangements (isotopemers).

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isotopologue distribution, difference among CID (carbon isotopologue distribution) and MID

I am new into LC-MS/MS stable isotope targeted downstream analysis. I've found numerous papers talking about MID (Mass isotopomer distribution) but in some european publications I found CID (carbon ...
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Retention Time of Isotopologues

In several sources I have read that heavier isotopologues eluate earlier than lighter ones. As explanation vapor isotope effects are given. But this is something I do not understand. I tought in a GC ...
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Is d3-acetic acid more acidic than acetic acid?

The following table is from Solomons, Fryhle and Snyder Organic Chemistry, chapter 3, An Introduction to Organic Reactions and Their Mechanisms: Acids and Bases: Table 3.8 Isotopic substituents and ...
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Calculating the physical properties of isotopes

I am trying to determine the theoretical physical properties (namely melting and boiling temperatures) of isotopic substances. Harold Urey used Debye thermodynamics (which is quite dense) in his 1946 ...
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Chemical properties of isotopes

I've always heard that different isotopes of the same element have exactly the same chemical properties. But for example, I've read that some compounds which have hydrogen atoms interchanged by ...
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