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Questions tagged [inductive-effect]

Use for questions regarding the so called inductive effect of substituents on properties of compounds.

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Inductive effect of hydrogen isotopes

Why does the electron-donating inductive effect (+I) of the isotopes of hydrogen decrease in the order $\ce{T} > \ce{D} > \ce{H}$? (where T is Tritium and D is Deuterium) Google has nothing to ...
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Effect of electronegative groups and length of alkyl chain on inductive effect among carboxylic acids

According to my teacher, the inductive effect in $\ce{CH3COOH}$ exists because of the electron deficiency on $\ce{C}$ (partial positive charge $\delta +$) as a result of the electronegativity of the ...
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Odd looking carbocation stability order [duplicate]

I am studying introductory organic chemistry, suddenly this one started looking odd, The carbocation stability for three compounds as given by my book is shown below, Let me call those as ...
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Why hydrogen bonding in some acids make them a stronger acid when it is present even before deprotonation?

If we take the example of salicylic acid, hydrogen bonding is present in the acid as follows: Even after deprotonation, it has intramolecular hydrogen bonding as follows: My question: p-...
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Inductive effect of alkyl ammonium groups

Why $\ce{-NR3+}$ has more -I effect than $\ce{-NH3+}?$ And what about order of $\ce{-NHR2+}$ and $\ce{-NH2R+}?$ My attempts I got idea about electronegativity of carbon atom in $\ce{R}$ is more than ...
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Stability of carbocation directly attached to a halogen atom [duplicate]

I have two compounds.. How is the first one more stable? As I have been taught that -I effect of Chlorine dominates its +R effect but to explain this case, My teacher is saying that because of the ...
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Comparing reactivity of 1-chloroethane and 1-chloropropane in an SN1 reaction

Beginning with a reference to a well known question. Order by reactivity towards SN1 reaction. According to some facts about SN1 reactions, rate depends on: Stability of carbocations Better leaving ...
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Acidic strength order among hydroxytetralones [closed]

I can understand in 1 the conjugate base has more stability for better resonance but in 2 and 3 the effect of resonance cannot be considered. How can we compare the inductive effect in such case?
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