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Melting point order of HF, NH3 and H2O [closed]

What is the correct order of melting point order of $\ce{HF, NH3 and H2O}$? I am really confused because my notebook says: $\ce{HF < NH3 < H2O}$, whereas some websites I visited said: $\ce{NH3 &...
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Is it not possible to prepare LAH using aluminium hydride?

Wikipedia lists this reaction for preparation of lithium aluminium hydride: $\ce{4 LiH + AlCl_3 -> Li[AlH_4] + 3 LiCl}$ But is it possible to prepare it by reacting aluminium hydride with lithium ...
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Why does AsH3 have a higher boiling point than HBr?

Aside from the general trend of the boiling points of the hydrides, I noticed how the group 15 hydrides somehow "overtook" the group 17 ones in boiling point, which felt weird. Notably, H-...
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Ionic compounds with hydride anion [closed]

Ionic compounds are formed when an atom $\ce{A}$ donates one of it's electron to another atom $\ce{B}$ to form an ionic compound $\ce{A+B-}$. This is significantly more likely to happen as the ...
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Lithium aluminium hydride

Lithium aluminium hydride is an important reducing agent in organic chemistry. Since I cannot find the half-equations telling how this reducing agent performs its action, I am wondering, is lithium a ...
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If diborane has 3c-2e bonds, then why are both boron atoms still electron deficit?

This is an image of the structure of diborane. It has a 3-center-2-electron bridge bond. As we can see in the bridge bond, the electron in the hydrogen atom and one electron in either boron atom is ...