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For questions relating to humidity. Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air.

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What is the osmosis equilibrium point of water beads (for plants)? [closed]

In theory, water beads for plants take in water when immersed in it to gradually release it to the roots of the plants. This process happens through osmosis. When the relative humidity is high enough, ...
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What range of relative humidity is present in the combustion byproducts of a natural gas stove, immediately after combustion?

If I have a traditional gas range-top, burning natural gas (instead of LPG or propane), what is the typical range of humidity present in the combustion byproducts immediately above the flame? The ...
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What causes water to condense when air pressure is reduced?

In this video: The cabin pressure is reduced and subsequently a mist is formed. What exactly is the cause?
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Humidity diffusion in Silicone Elastomer and effects on refraction / transmissivity

There is an issue I'm facing that is very tricky. A solar cell that is encapsulated in Sylgard 184 Silicone Elastomer with a front borofloat front glass. This cell is used to measure a light intensity....
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Conditions for a substance to show deliquescent or efflorescent behaviour

I have learnt that deliquescent substances are the ones which absorb moisture from the surroundings and convert them to solution and efflorescent substances are the ones which release moisture into ...
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Rock salt as a green, non-electrical dehumidifier?

Has anyone tried using rock salt as a dehumidifier? Ive read a few DIY bits on it. I live in Georgia and its swampy and humid. I have a couple small dehumidifiers but I'm looking for some green and ...
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Does urine make concrete hygroscopic?

TLDR: Does urine make concrete hygroscopic enough to absorb moisture from the air so much that a spot of humidity is visible? Are uric acid crystals moisture-absorbent? (Urea apparently is according ...
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CO2 + High humidity = transperent substance?

First I want to point out that I am not a chemist, sorry for bad description. I have CO2 incubator. CO2 concentration is 10-20% and the humidity level is around 90%. I was using a humidity sensor to ...
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What happens when the amount given doesn't allow for equilbrium to be achieved in a reaction?

The reaction $$\ce{A.3H2O(s) <=> A.H2O(s) + 2H2O (g)}$$ has a $K_p = \pu{400 mmHg2}$ One millimole each of $\ce{A.3H2O}$ and $\ce{A.H2O}$ are taken in a $\pu{1 l}$ container at $\pu{300 K}$ ...
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How do I calculate the humidity inside sealed containers containing mixing salts?

At $\pu{25 ^\circ C}$: saturated Magnesium chloride $\ce{MgCl2}$ keeps humidity 33% inside sealed containers. saturated Sodium chloride $\ce{NaCl}$ keeps humidity 75% inside sealed containers. I ...
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Relative humidity at constant temperatures [closed]

It’s known that Relative humidity = (water pressure in a certain volume/ saturated water pressure in the same volume)* 100% “at the same temperature” So my question is why does the amount of water ...
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How to perform IR spectroscopy on silica particles at various relative humidities when they are passed through a tube using pressurized air? [closed]

Surface bonds of silica particles are susceptible to humidity and frequently change between silanol and siloxane with changing RH. I want to measure how these surface bonds change with the humidity ...
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Does ice increase the humidity of its surroundings? [closed]

Does ice increase the humidity of its surroundings? I'm trying to use the BME280 for an Arduino project regarding locating ice, but I don't know whether the atmosphere is more humid around ice. I'm ...
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Is it possible to find the volume of condensed water by temperature change without knowing the initial pressure of the flask?

I found this problem in a practice sheet. The original source doesn't indicate any authorship or whatsoever. It states the following: A sealed container of $\pu{6.24 L}$ in capacity has humid air ...
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Can I completely dry air with calcium chloride?

I'm trying to dry air by leading it through calcium chloride. I'm measuring the resulting humidity with a simple capacitive humidity sensor. I do not see measurements below 10% relative humidity, but ...
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