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Questions tagged [home-experiment]

For questions about a small-scale experiment which can be undertaken with reagents readily available around the house, while observing standard laboratory safety principles and practices. Do not confuse this tag with [everyday-chemistry] or [food-chemistry].

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Any suggestions for a highly exothermic reaction in liquid phase but the reactants and products must be pH neutral?

Need a heat producing reaction for my lab experiment.
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distillation of aqueous CAN solution for the purpose of a reversible and strong endothermic reaction in cool packs

I know calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) is used for cold packs. By bending a small metal plate the salt gets dissolved in water (separated pack) and this process is endothermic. I would like to heat ...
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Can Pyrex laboratory grade glassware be heated on a stovetop?

I don't have access to a hot plate, I was wondering if Pyrex glass can be safely heated on a stove top. It isn't an open flame, it's a radiant stove top with an electric coil underneath a smooth ...
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What in Peanut Butter dissolves glue?

There is a common belief that Peanut Butter can dissolve certain types of glue. I've tested it and it does on a few common stickers. A forensic science crime procedural TV show (Bones) made a ...
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Is it possible to protect molten magnesium with Butane

I am currently experimenting with simple methods of metal casting at home. It is conventional wisdom that magnesium is better left to the professionals due to the unfortunate arrangement of its ...
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Safely removing sodium hypochlorite crystals from hard-to-reach surfaces

I have a small bathing whirlpool which wasn’t used for over ten years. It is built into the ground and I cannot reach the disinfectant container to replace it with a new one. I can access the fill-...
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Heating NaOH solutions

I am trying to determine the best heat at which to use an NaOH solution to clean a textile fiber. This is being done, carefully, in Asian villages. The raw material is ribbons of bark peeled from a ...
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Can hydrogen peroxide be oxygenated?

As per the heading, would peroxide be able to dissolve oxygen by whatever method, to have free oxygen and hydrogen peroxide mixed (under pressure?) similarly to $\ce{CO2}$ or $\ce{O2}$ in water? I ...
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Apple Cider vs Apple Juice Chemical/Physical Properties in Relation to Milk

Why does non-alcoholic apple cider mix smoothly with milk, but mixing apple juice with milk causes it to curdle?
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Why is there a "Angled-Strip" (possibly Metal) inside Cathode/Canal Ray Tube? (or maybe 'Gas Discharge Tube')

What is that thing? Why is it there? Some more questions. Does the ElectronBeam ever hit the Anode in this particular version of tube? How much? [Explain it to me like I am 5 / or you can explain it ...
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