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Questions tagged [gloves]

Gloves are a layer of protection in terms of laboratory safety. This tag should be specified if this is a question about particular gloves.

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What is the lining of "Silver-lined" gloves actually made of?

I bought some rubber gloves that claim to be "Silver-lined". I think this is supposed to make the gloves easier to put on and take off. Is there an actual silver compound lining the gloves that ...
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What type of gloves should be used while diluting sulfuric and hydrochloric acids?

What type of gloves should we use on hands while diluting sulfuric and hydrochloric acid? Can we use these gloves in chemistry lab to handle other acids?
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Conductive liquid, that after evaporation will allow me to use my gloves with a smartphone

I'm looking for a conductive liquid that, after it evaporates, leaves the material that has been exposed to it conductive. I'd like to use my smartphone with gloves. I do have a pair of professional,...
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How can I identify and neutralize the chemical leaching out of new nitrile gloves?

I have a few cases of brand-new, nitrile gloves of a type and vendor that used to be good. But apparently, the vendor has moved manufacturing to a different country and outsourced customer service to ...
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11 votes
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What type(s) of gloves are effective against DCM and acetone?

I know that standard latex and nitrile gloves don't stop common organic solvents such as DCM and acetone. However, I was reading a Reddit thread and there were comments that if you are coming into ...
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How does chloroform degrade nitrile gloves?

Many of us have experienced the failure of nitrile gloves when exposed to chloroform. What's going on at a mechanistic level when this occurs? I would guess that the chloroform dissolves some of the ...
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