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Exotic atoms are the atoms that have exceptional properties compared to normal baryonic atoms.

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Alternate electronegativity measures for exotic atoms?

An exotic atom is an otherwise normal atom in which one or more sub-atomic particles have been replaced by other particles of the same charge. For example, electrons may be replaced by other ...
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Could a positron be made to stably orbit an atom? [closed]

Suppose you have a single atom of neon, argon or some other noble gas of your choice. While the entire atom is electrically neutral a nearby positron would probably be more strongly attracted to the ...
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How do molecules with muons and electrons bond?

Is bonding specifically for and between electrons? Why cant two atoms share muons, which are different particles of same charge, spin and different mass? Why there aren't muon-electron bonds? Why is ...
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Anti matter elements? [closed]

Quite a self-explanatory question I guess. I wonder whether there is any information or theory on this. I seem to like remember there is such an element with positron in center and electron rotating ...
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What is a "hydrogen-like" or "hydrogenic" atom?

I'm studying some chemistry on my own in anticipation of the new school year and in my book, I came across the Rydberg equation for the first time. I worked through some examples and everything was ...
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