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When forming an epoxide with m-CPBA, what happens when we wash our mixture with Na2S2O4?

The m-CPBA is reduced by the $\ce{S2O4^{2-}}$, but why does it leave the mixture then? Why does the reduced m-CPBA leave with the oxidised $\ce{S2O4^{2-}}$?
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Does the Darzens reaction work with an alpha-chlorocarboxylic acid and an aldehyde?

Is it possible that a reaction of an alpha-chlorocarboxylic acid with an aldehyde work for the Darzens reaction to produce an epoxide (with NaOH as the base, and H3O+ workup)?
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Grignard Reagent Facilitates Epoxide Opening

I have read from my textbook, that the opening of an epoxide ring with a strong nucleophile like a Grignard reagent, takes place from a less substituted side, with a higher SN2 character. The acidic ...
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Epoxidation for dienes [duplicate]

I have been asked to determine the major product for the reaction: From the reagent given, one can tell that this is an epoxidation reaction. But, as only one mole of the peroxyacid is given, ...
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Flexible urethane additives in epoxies

For those who understand plastics and epoxies in particular, curious to know if I can add a correctly proportional amount of flexane urethane to epoxy paint without worrying about compatibility issues....
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Reduction of epoxide

Does $\ce{LiAlH4}$ and $\ce{NaBH4}$ reduce an isolated epoxide? I have two books where both are saying differently. One says it can and other says cannot. On searching the web there was no definite ...
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m-CPBA Selectivity between Baeyer Villiger Oxidation and Epoxidation?

If both a ketone and an alkene are present in a molecule and you add one equivalent of m-CPBA, what are the factors that determine which group will be oxidized, the ketone through Baeyer-Villiger ...
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