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A pure chemical substance consisting of a unique type of atom with a distinguished by its atomic mass.

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What is the most accepted explanation of aurophilicity?

Gold has a special property called aurophilicity. Inorganic chemistry by Huheey has some explanation, but that was not enough to clear the conception.
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Predominance of III oxidation state for lanthanides

For most lanthanide metals, the stable oxidation state is III [*]. The general electronic structure is $$\ce{[Xe] 4f^{0}^{-14} 5s^2 5p^6 5d^{0}^{-1} 6s^2}\ \ [**].$$ Elements that have the d-electron ...
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What are the chemical similarities between gallium and barium?

I am analyzing nutrient concentrations in wood, and I have found that in all my samples the distribution of gallium and barium are closely related. As a related phenomenon, the presence of these ...
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What parameters do you use to find the order in which elements will leave a solution during electrolysis?

I am looking to perform electrolysis on a molten solution of many elements, specifically a mix of iron, sodium, potassium, silicon, aluminum, and titanium oxides and chlorides. What I'm trying to ...
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Why does zinc turn dark?

So I casted a zinc ingot around a week ago and I also casted 2 zinc ingots yesterday. After observing the two side by side I noticed that the older zinc ingot was darker colored, then I went and ...
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Can a more electropositive metal replaced by a less electropositive one?

I read from this reference that rubidium is extracted by reduction of its chloride with calcium or sodium. How is it possible?. Their electronegativities are much higher than rubidium. I think ...
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Electronegativity (Oxygen and Phosphorus)

What makes an element electronegative. I understand, for example, $\ce{P(OR)3}$ is less basic than $\ce{PR3}$ because the oxygen in $\ce{P(OR)3}$ is more electronegative than P, so it pulls electron ...
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How do I model atoms with Moebius strips?

This question came to me while I was trying to model the list of elements (Mendeleïev), especially their masses and number of electrons. It came to my mind that it might be easier to model each ...
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Why there is an exception in melting and boiling point in p block?

Why is the boiling point and melting point of 15th group and 16th group has an exception? We know that as molecular mass increases boiling point and melting point also increase. So, down the group 15 ...
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Why are some elements diatomic under normal conditions while others are not?

I see that the the standard form of many elements are diatomic molecules under normal conditions (eg oxygen, hydrogen and iodine are usually seen as diatomic molecules) and are all among the most ...
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Which ionic radius is most relevant for anticipating co-crystalization?

In the context of anticipating the likeliness that elemental impurities co-crystalize into the crystals containing an element of similar radius (see this question), which is the relevant radii to ...
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Why does sulphur exist in two forms in solid state, monoclinic and rhombic? Why in one favoured over another at a certain temperature and pressure?

Both Rhombic and Monoclinic sulphur consist of $S_8$ molecules packed together. Yet the former is more stable below $114^{\circ}C$ at 1 atm and spontaneously converts to monoclinic sulphur above that ...
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Exceptional electromagnetic properties of lanthanide series elements

Why do so many lanthanide series elements have exceptional electromagnetic properties? They can form strong magnets and are also used in superconducting applications. The number of elements in the ...
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Trends of electron affinity

The trend in electron affinity is to increase negatively across a group. Does this mean noble gases' electronegativity is more negative than halogens? Noble gases should have a positive electron ...
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Non-standard source of lead?

Is there a way to get lead cheaply from local sources? I can buy ingots off eBay and there is a non-ferrous metal supplier I know who sells it for $12 for 5 pounds, but the shipping is nuts. I ...
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Just how accurate is this XKCD comic about building a real-life periodic table with cubes made up of each element?

I was reading the book “What If?” by Randall Munroe and this part was very intriguing to me. He answered the question in the title and I was curious if his answer was realistic, and if not, which ...
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Why is effective nuclear charge used to explain the periodicity of size of atoms and ions?

Why is effective nuclear charge used for explaining the periodicity of size of atoms and ions, even though radius depends upon many other factors? The size of $\ce{Na+}$ is smaller than that of $\ce{...
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Electrolysis of a calcium salt in polar aprotic solvent

If i found a calcium salt that is soluble in acetone or ethyl acetate, which are polar aprotic solvents, and attempted electrolysis, what would happen? Since polar aprotic solvents are used in metal-...
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Why do osmium and iridium have the most oxidation states of all the elements?

Both osmium and iridium have 12 oxidation states. Indeed, iridium has the highest oxidation state of all elements at +9. see I'...
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Evaporating water from a combination of dietary minerals: will it work safely or react?

I've combined multiple elements dissolved in water into a preferred ratio, but would like to evaporate some of the water to increase the concentration (let's say at 200 $^{\circ}\mathrm{C}$ in the ...
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Do the compounds in a chemical equation need a net charge of zero when predicting reaction products?

For predicting reaction products in chemical equations, I am not sure of what the subscripts would look like in the product side. I know the types of reactions, but when you predict the products, do ...
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