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Use this tag to ask questions on electrochemical properties such as cell EMF, chemical conductance and electrolytic cells. Also use 'electrochemistry' tag with these questions.

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Electrical properties of glycol / water mixtures

I'm looking for a reference on electrical properties (specifically, conductivity) of mixtures of water / ethylene glycol. Specifically, I'm interested in How does the electrical conductivity of the ...
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Determine potential and electric field distribution between electrodes

I want to analytically determine a simplified potential and electric field distribution around planar electrodes, and an 40nm square electrode in an 50nm insulating well. I think that the Poisson-...
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Temperature and electrolysis

Based on my understanding, metals conduct electricity better at lower temperatures than at higher temperatures as the resistance to electron flow is lower. Then, what about ionic compounds? Do they ...
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How do the ions in electrolytes lead to lower dielectric constants compared to pure water?

I am interested in the salts used in the gel electrophoresis buffers. As I understand it, one of their roles is to change the conductivity of the medium, because otherwise the electric field would be ...
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Which reaction occurs in calcium vanadate when it comes in contact with water?

I am a physics student currently studying the electrical properties of $\ce{CaVO3}$ and I have noticed that the surface of my thin film samples, which were originally smooth and transparent, now have ...
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Can electrical conductivity be measured by colorimetric or photospectrometrical method?

I would like to measure electrolyte leakage from plant material after exposure to stress. Stress damages cell membrane integrity, resulting in efflux of intracellular components to the surrounding ...
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Calculating the net charge of DNA oligo

How can I calculate the net charge of a DNA oligo? I have a bunch of different sized oligos (vary from 9 to 50nt long) which I am using for microscopy (DNA-PAINT) and I need to know their charges ...
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How do I show that a transition is electric dipole allowed with group theory/symmetry?

This is actually a follow up of this question The follow-up is not because of the electric instead of magnetic dipole (this is trivial). It is because I'm interested in extra info. Suppose I have a ...
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What is the net gain of charge carriers in a semiconductor if an atom is removed?

In pure germanium, all Ge atoms are bonded with a tetrahedral geometry. It has a band gap and is a semiconductor. If we remove one Ge atom, what type(s) and how many charge carriers will be generated? ...
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Why is copper a better conductor of electricity than calcium?

How would we compare the electrical conductivity between copper and calcium? I understand that electrical conductivity of a metal is dependent on the number of delocalized electrons for that metal. ...
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How is graphene electrically conductive?

I've been doing some research into graphene for a project I'm working on, and have found that it can potentially be as strong as or even stronger than current superconductors. However, from my current ...
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Conductivity measurements of demineralized water - Unexpected results. Looking for explanation

I'm trying to measure the conductivity change of demineralized water over a few days. But I get results I can't explain. Setup This is the circuit and cell I'm using: Where $R_x$ is the ...
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What is the electrical conductivity of pool water?

What is the electrical conductivity of pool water? I tried to find some information, unfortunately without success. I need to know it to make an underwater electronic project.
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Salt concentration and electrical permittivity of water

We know that the electric flux density $D$ can be related to electric field intensity $E$ as $$D = \epsilon(\omega) E$$ where $$\epsilon(\omega) = \epsilon_0 \epsilon_r(\omega)$$ and $\epsilon_0$ ...
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Electrical conductivity of graphite

On this Wikipedia page, the electrical conductivity of various materials are given in the third column ($\sigma \text{ (S/m) at 20}^\circ \text{C}$). I am interested in the entry for Carbon (graphite)...
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Choice of doping elements in semiconductors

In a typical semiconducting material, we start with silicon (group IV) and introduce atoms of group V or group III depending on whether we are constructing an n- or p-type semiconductor respectively. ...
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