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For questions referring to the process by which molecules move as a result of their kinetic energy.

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When is diffusion steady-state?

Fick’s first law of diffusion can be used when $\mathrm{d}C/\mathrm{d}t=0$. If the concentration gradient is time-variant, then we must use Fick’s second law. However, when is diffusion steady-state ...
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Are there any solids that undergo diffusion?

Are there any solids that undergo diffusion? Introduction: In school, my teacher is only talking about diffusion happening in liquids and I though that it may be able to happen to solids also. ...
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Is pressure equalization "diffusion"?

There is another question on the site which is: Two containers, A and B, connected by a closed valve were evacuated and the Chlorine gas (Cl2) with a pressure of 200kPa was put into A and Oxygen (...
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