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Does "concentration gradient" refer to the amount of all solutes, or a specific solute moving across a membrane?

I'm struggling with something that seems really simple, and I think it's because I'm stuck on the definition of concentration gradients. If you have a solution with a moderate concentration of ...
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Is methylenecyclopropane a cycloalkene?

Are all compounds with a ring and double bonds considered cycloalkenes? Can the double bond be outside the ring in a cycloalkene (example: methylenecyclopropane)
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Uncertainty when beaker goes by 50s

I am helping my daughter do her chemistry homework and am stumped by this one. I have a beaker that seems to count by 50s. That makes uncertainty calculations awkward. What is the “next unit down”? ...
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What is the relation between cross-section and spectral line intensity?

I was told by my supervisor that there is a relation between these two and he talked about a coefficient connecting the two of them. I am currently brushing up a lot of chemistry as I'm a physics ...
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What words can I use to differentiate between cases where two atoms are of the same element versus when two atoms are of different elements?

I am writing my thesis, and usually I'm quite good with picking the right words for specific phenomena, yet I am having trouble finding the right words for this specific circumstance. I am trying to ...
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Redefinition of mole 2019

The mole was redefined in 2019 to $6.02214076\times 10^{23}$ elementary entities. I've learnt that this means that the mass of one mole of Carbon 12 is now no longer exactly 12g. However isn't ...
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Is it appropriate to call an element an amphoteric substance?

In most of Japanese high-school textbook it is written that Al,Zn,Sn and Pb are amphoteric element(in Japanese 両性元素)because they react both with strong acid and base. For example Al reacts like below. ...
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Are corrosive and reactive synonymous?

This answer on a question regarding whether water is corrosive in pure form, the author implies that "reactive" and "corrosive" are the same thing (at least with water.) "...
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Is the graphene sheet in graphite considered molecule? What is considered molecule? [duplicate]

molecule, a group of two or more atoms that form the smallest identifiable unit into which a pure substance can be divided and still retain the composition and chemical properties of that substance. -...
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Definition of an internal reference

Warning: extreme pedantry. I am performing Gutmann-Beckett experiments, basically utilizing an NMR-tube with my sample and a 31P-lewis base (e.g. triethylphosphine oxide) inside another one with a ...
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What is meant by "charge separation" for resonance structures? [duplicate]

I'm confused about the definition of "charge separation" in the context of resonance structures. One of the rules of stability of resonance structure is "the structure with least ...
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Isn't hydrogen chloride a salt, because it is an ionic compound? [closed]

So I just learned in chemistry that salts are ionic compounds. Shouldn't, $\ce{H+Cl-}$ be a salt since hydrogen ion has positive charge and chloride ion has negative charge? If $\ce{HCl}$ is a salt ...
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Error in the IUPAC Gold Book definitions of exergonic, endergonic, exothermic and endothermic?

All definitions in the IUPAC Gold Book refer to standard values: exergonic reaction (exoergic reaction) [link] This expression is often applied to a reaction for which the overall standard Gibbs ...
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