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Questions tagged [containers]

For questions regarding container interactions with contents, selection, material makeup or geometry.

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What is the nature of container when talking about Boiling Point of a Liquid [ Vapour Pressure related ]? [closed]

From what I understand, whenever talking about calculating the value of Vapour Pressure we need to take a closed container as there needs to be an equilibrium established {R evaporation = R ...
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How can evaporation from a wash bottle be prevented?

We have an issue with our wash bottles. In our electronic lab, our students use isopropanol and acetone to wash manufactured parts. Unfortunately, we noticed a great deal of evaporation over time. ...
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How to sustain iodine vapor in a big container (V=200 L)?

I am lost in a quest on how to have a big container in which I can have iodine vapor at a known temperature. We intend send iodine into an air flow, and observe fluorescence of iodine in this flow. ...
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Helium container [closed]

Imagine a vacuum flask-like container. If we filled the main compartment with helium and the vacuum compartment with high-pressure gas would helium still escape? Let's ignore the leakage from the ...
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Significance of shapes of Conical flask and Kjeldahl flask

What is the practical significance of the shapes of conical flask and Kjeldahl flask?
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What is wrong with storing deionized water in glass containers?

I have heard that in general storing deionized water in glass bottles is ill advised and that it is better to use plastic. Additionally this is especially important for water used in ICP. I have ...
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How is fluorine gas contained and transported, why aren't the metal cylinder and tube in this video attacked?

I included the GIF below as part of an answer to Can paper burn without oxygen or air?. It was made from the video Fluorine - Periodic Table of Videos. I noticed that the cylinder containing the ...
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Why are some chemicals packaged in incompatable containers?

I've noticed that some organic chemicals are sold in HDPE containers despite compatibility charts indicating that such containers are not appropriate acetone. For example, this acetone listing from ...
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Can 99% isopropyl alcohol be stored in a clear container?

I'm planning to get hold of some 99% isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) for the purpose of cleaning electronics, and am going to transfer it from the plastic bottle it comes in to a smaller, ...
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Why is xenon hexafluoride not stored in glass?

Why is $\ce{XeF_6}$ not stored in glass containers? Isn't the reason glass is used for most acids is that it is non-reactive?
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What are these upside-down glass egg-shaped containers for?

I took this picture from a chemical vendor, but I've seen these things many times already. How are they called and why are they upside-down?
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Can green vehicle antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) be diluted in a glass container?

I picked up a container of undiluted green antifreeze, and oops, I don't have anything to mix it in! I do have a glass container though at the top of my recycling bin that is about a half gallon. I've ...
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Acrylic container and electrolysis

Normally when you do electrolysis, you would use a glass container. Would it be wise to use a acrylic container? I have one spare but not sure if this would affect the electrolysis process. Is there ...
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Can fumes from using bleach seep through plastic packaging and glass jars

A bulging can leaked inside our kitchen cabinet. I googled how to handle it. I followed the instructions I found online. I mixed 1/4 bleach and 2 cups water. Applied it on all surfaces. Then applied ...
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Is there a way to contain fluorine gas for long term so that it can be visually observed?

Bromine, chlorine and iodine can all be sealed in a glass container for display without the elements reacting with the glass. But if you try to seal fluorine in glass I believe it will react and fog ...
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