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Questions tagged [concentration]

The concentration characterizes the composition of a mixture with respect to the volume of the mixture. There are mass, amount, number and volume concentrations. Related and within the scope of this tag are normality, molality, mole fraction/ratio, mass fraction/ratio.

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Molarity exercises [closed]

Can anyone direct me to a good book with lots of molarity exercises, i really want to practice this and would like to find as many types of exercises involving molarity. I of course did google this ...
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$\beta$-mercaptoethanol molarity

I'm writing up a practical and $\beta$-mercaptoethanol was used, with no concentration given. I've found I don't need the BME molarity since I'm giving percentage (v/v) concentration, however I'm ...
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How should I modify my molecular dynamics simulation so that known chemical reactions can be modelled?

I have written some molecular dynamics code that I want to use to model known chemical reactions. By known I mean that it has been observed in a lab that $\ce{A +B->C}$. I am not interested in ...
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Finding molar mass of an unknown acid

"In the titration of a solid acid, an endpoint is reached after 22.0mL of 0.120 M $\ce{NaOH}$ has been added. Assuming that each acid particle contains two acidic hydrogens and both are ...
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What does this scale mean?

$$\log_{10}~\mathrm{pg}/\mathrm{ml}$$ I do not understand the scale. How do I convert this to a standard concentration (without the logs)?
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How can a substance be diluted to nothing?

If I start with a small amount of a substance, and I dilute that substance with billions of gallons of water, what is the scientific explanation for there being no (actually zero) remaining molecules ...
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Why do some solutions eventually stop boiling and start "popping" as they get more concentrated?

A very long time ago I performed an experiment in my kitchen, part of which was to remove all water from a solution. Unfortunately I don't remember what was in it, but the point is that as the ...
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Basic chemistry equation with ammonia [closed]

A table in the book 'Chemistry NCEA Level 1' has 4 headings, the first of which is 'Volume (mL) ammonia solution provided (conc 2 g L-1)' Could someone please provide a comprehensive explanation of ...
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32 votes
2 answers

What do the different grades of chemicals mean?

When purchasing chemicals from Sigma, Fisher, or wherever, there are often -grade's attached to their description like reagent-grade, technical-grade, analytical-grade, or more niche-sounding biotech-...
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