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How do I tell what the chemical composition of a rock is? [closed]

I love to look at rocks, they are so fascinating, but I always find myself wondering how many of each kind of atom are in this particular rock, or how many atoms in total. The only thing I can tell is ...
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Calculate percent composition from XPS?

I have an XPS graph and was wondering how to calculate percent composition. I do have the percent compositions that were determined from the graph, but I don't know how they were found. For reference, ...
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What is the most accurate way to determine the amount of water in a material from XRF and LOD-105 results?

this might seem like a silly question but I want to be sure. I have the results from an external laboratory for the bulk chemical composition (by XRF) and moisture (by Loss on Drying to 105 degrees ...
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What household objects are made of metals with a high degree of purity?

I've looked into this briefly and from what I've understood, the kind of copper that's used to make electric copper wire is generally of a high purity (well above 99%). What are some other household ...
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How to get the total number of numbered positions in a molecule/compound

I'm working on a metabolite database where "labeled" compounds can contain isotopically labeled atoms in specific positions. When a new labeled compound is entered into the database, we'd ...
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Can chemical composition be determined from elemental composition?

I have the energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy results from a sample of salt that I produced by collecting and processing ocean water by filtering, boiling, evaporating, and additional steps to try ...
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What is the composition of diet coke?

I've been trying to find the values of any sort of percentage composition of diet coke and I haven't found any luck other than one interviewee (Dr. MAUREEN STOREY [Senior Vice President, Science ...
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How do I calculate weight percent of BaCl2

A $\pu{0.1036 g}$ sample containing only $\ce{BaCl2}$ and $\ce{NaCl}$ is dissolved in $\pu{50 mL}$ of distilled water. Titrating with $\pu{0.07916 M}$ $\ce{AgNO3}$ requires $\pu{19.46 mL}$ to reach ...
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Are those magnetic iron filings in the dirt pure iron?

When I was a kid we used to drag magnets around in the dirt and collect "iron filings". Are they pure iron, or something else?
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Why are all 3 of propane, butane and isobutane used in deodorant sprays?

Here are the back ingredient labels of a few popular commercial alcohol-based deodorant sprays. As one can clearly see, they all have many things in common, but the 3 which are of importance in lieu ...
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