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Colligative properties of solutions are properties that depend upon the concentration of solute molecules or ions, but not upon the chemical identity of the solute.

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Detailed kinetic explanation for vapor pressure reduction by dissolved solute?

The following problem was asked in JEE Mains 2020 (Sept 2, Shift 1), An open beaker of water in equilibrium with water vapor is in a sealed container. When a few grams of glucose are added to the ...
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Depression of freezing point [closed]

Recently, I learnt that by adding a non-volatile solute to a solvent, the vapour pressure of the solution is decreased and consequently its boiling point. Facts and definitions freezing point: "The ...
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Freezing Point Depression and Temperature Decrease

I don't have a problem understanding the chemical mechanisms underlying freezing point depression or colligative properties in general, but what I cannot seem to grasp is how if you add salt to ice ...
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Why do colligative properties depend only on number of solute particles?

Colligative properties depend solely on the number of even though the interactive forces are different for different solute-solvent pairs. So why is the dependence only on the number of solute?
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