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Questions tagged [cleaning]

For questions about cleaning agents and methods used to remove dirt, stains, residues, and bad smells, including proper waste disposal. For particular questions about surfactants, use the [surfactants] tag.

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3 votes
2 answers

Does a sulfuric acid/nitric acid mixture dissolve PTFE (ie. teflon)?

In our lab, we commonly use a mixture of sulfuric acid and nitric acid to clean borosilicate glassware. I'd like to clean some PTFE pieces in there, too, but not sure if they will dissolve or not. ...
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How to reverse damage done by nail polish remover without acetone to a laptop keyboard?

Today I was trying to clean my laptop with a nail polish remover (ingredients: ethyl acetate, peg-40, hydrogenated castor oil, panthenol, parfum, d-limonene, geraniol, ci 26100, ci 60725). Not only it ...
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18 votes
3 answers

What causes the smell in rotten meat-grease and how can I get rid of it thoroughly?

We've just spilled the can of used meat-grease we collect so that it doesn't go down the drain and it turns out it was rotten. Now the granite counter-top and the wood-laminate floor of the kitchen ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Acetic(vinegar) and citric acid as the rust remover

I tested, separately, acetic and citric acids for cleaning steel parts. After 24 hours I have moderate results for acetic acid, and good results for citric acid. But in both cases, rust doesn't ...
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Dangers of expired bleach?

I have some unopened Clorox bleach bought over a year ago (at $8.25~\%\ \ce{NaOCl}$) and read on Wikipedia that bleach naturally decomposes according to $$\ce{3 NaOCl (aq) -> NaClO3 (aq) + 2 NaCl(...
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Cleaning stains with hydrogen peroxide and bleach

A while back, I discovered that if you have a stain on a white shirt, you can remove it by putting hydrogen peroxide on the stain, then adding some bleach to it. I have used this for getting out wine,...
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What could happen when mixing bleach with other cleaning residue?

I have a wall covered in mold. I have used various cleaning wipes attempting to clean it, including a vinegar mixture. I now want to spray the wall with a bleach cleaner. I am concerned for fumes from ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Vinegar and baking soda: Cleaning agent or neutralized sludge?

I've seen it suggested countless times that combining vinegar and baking soda is a great home cleaning solution, but this always seemed like nonsense to me. I recognize that baking soda, a base, can ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Will using vinegar harm car paint?

After having parked my car in a newly constructed airport parking garage, I came back to find something had dripped through a crack in the ceiling of the structure and left considerably thick film on ...
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Does the main washing effect of soap come from foam?

I am curious if the main cleaning effect of soap comes from its foam (or, maybe, it is just a by-product). Here are some points, that might clarify what I mean: Does foam sort of "carry" dirt and ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Deodorizing using baking powder instead of baking soda

I am an engineer and I understand the difference between baking power and baking soda as baking powder is baking soda (alkali) with tartaric acid (acidic) and an inert starch (why? Is this a catalyst ...
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2 answers

Yellow stains after cleaning silver

I've recently moved to a old house and found some stuff in the attic, along that I found some really beautiful silverware(??) that unfortunately was VERY tarnished, one of the pieces was totally black ...
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