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Will charcoal (carbon) oxidize in the air?

Wikipedia — Carbon sequestration claims that burying charcoal into the soil offsets $\ce{CO2}$ and thus reduces the greenhouse effect: In the soil, the biochar carbon is unavailable for oxidation to $...
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How much 'stronger' is water vapor than carbon dioxide, molecule-per-molecule, over the course of a day, in terms of global warming potential?

I have read, many times, that water molecules are far more effective than CO2 molecules at trapping heat... But, the 'relative G.W.P.' value of water vapor (or its 'radiative forcing') is not listed ...
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Effect of carbon dioxide impurities on the Haber–Bosch process

The Haber–Bosch process is a highly exothermic reaction that is used to produce ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen. The nitrogen is typically obtained from the air using a membrane separation process, ...
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Why is the bond energy for a C=O bond higher in CO2?

I was looking at the table of bond energies, and what caught my eye was how the bond energy for a $\ce{C=O}$ bond is $\pu{736 kJ/mol}$ with the exception of the $\ce{C=O}$ bonds in $\ce{CO2}$ being $\...
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Pressure degasser of water

Currently, I am working on a project where we are using pressure degassing. The idea is to make a test setup where we lower the pressure in a flask to 'degas' the solution. The solution is just ...
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Flux a specific concentration of a tracer constituent of a gas

I need to flux 250 ppm of CO2 at 1000 ml/min. I have a gas system with a tank containing CO2 (CO2 at 5000 ppmvol, Oxygen 21%vol and Nitrogen the rest), connected with a mass flow controller (MFC1, ...
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How to achieve highest CO2 pressure from acetic acid + sodium bicarbonate reaction?

I'm planning to make a high-end vinegar + baking soda rocket and started doing some researches for the best ratio of the reagents's concentrations to achieve maximum pressure. Furthermore, I know that ...
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Measurement of actual carbon dioxide mass emitted from a diesel engine

I was wondering if there is a method to measure the actual total mass of carbon dioxide $(\ce{CO2})$ emitted from a diesel engine used for power generation. Infrared $\ce{CO2}$ sensors generally ...
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How to use anodic and cathodic overpotentials to calculate electrolytic energy efficiency?

I am trying to calculate the energy efficiency for $\ce{CO2}$ reduction to formate, coupled to water oxidation based on literature data. $$\ce{CO2 + 2e- + 2H+ -> HCOOH}$$ $$\ce{H2O -> 2H+ + 1/...
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Carbon Sequestration For Indoor Farming

First the backstory: We've begun growing mushrooms (currently Enoki, Lion's Mane and Blue Oysters if anyone is curious) for the sake of eating and maybe potentially selling someday soon. My partner ...
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Is there a cheap and effective way to make PdZn-Ag foam?

I am trying to design a machine that can convert carbon dioxide into methanol and/or hydrocarbons. My design requires PdZn-Ag foam (nanoparticles), which is made by depositing palladium-zinc vapor ...
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