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Also known as banana bond. These kinds of bonds are usually found in small, strained, organic molecules. The simplification of the hybridisation scheme fails for this class of compounds.

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A water molecule is bent. Why? [duplicate]

Consider the bent shape of $\ce{H2O}$ with a bond angle of $104°$. From my understanding, this is due to the lone pair repulsion between the 2 pairs of lone pair electrons. Hence, it adopts a ...
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Why is C-S-C bond angle in thiirane so small at 48.5 degrees?

Why is the C-S-C bond angle in thiirane (48.5 degrees) so much smaller than C-O-C bond angle in oxirane/epoxide (60 degrees). Source:
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What difference between pi bond and bent bond? Is it possible to replace sigma-pi bond model and use only bent bond instead?

Between sigma-pi bond and 2 bent bonds, is it actually equiavalence? Or there is specific molecule that require to be bent bonds and cannot exist as pi bond and vice versa? I felt like we actually don'...
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Why are bridge bonds weaker than terminal bonds and, H-B-H terminal bond angles larger than H-B-H bridging bond angles in diborane? [duplicate]

In Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee (Adapted by Sudarsan Guha, Fourth Edition), on page 83, under the topic "Bridge Bonding" it is given for diborane $(\ce{B2H6}):$ The $d_\ce{B-H}(\...
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Stability order of carbocations [duplicate]

These are some of the most stable carbocations, but what is the relative stability order between them. According to me it should be: C>D>B>A........ I came to this conclusion because both C and D ...
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Effect of Electronegativity on Bond Angles in NH3 and NF3 [duplicate]

I am reading a book: Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee (Fifth Edition) In the chapter-The Covalent Bond, the author says: $\ce{NF3}$ and $\ce{NH3}$ both have structures based on a tetrahedron ...
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Can a molecule contain a linear series of conjugated pi bonds twisted through 180 degrees?

Imagine a long chain of carbon atoms connected by single and double bonds in conjugated fashion. All of the p orbital pi bonds would normally be aligned to either side of the carbon atoms forcing the ...
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Why is there no Pi-backbonding in BeCl2?

The $\ce{Cl}$ atoms in $\ce{BeCl2}$ donate a lone pair to the $\ce{Be}$ atom of another molecule so that Beryllium can complete its octet. What I don't understand is why don't the $\ce{Cl}$ atoms ...
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Sp5 hybridization in cyclopropane?

I have never before heard/read about something as a $sp^5$ hybridization. Today, Henry Rzepa's blog post made me aware of the existance of such a bonding system. That made me search a little bit and I ...
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Can aromaticity arise from 3c-2e bonds

Electrons are delocalized between the three centers in a 3c-2e bond. If there was a molecule with 3c-2e bond in each direction, e.g. a boron cluster, would it be aromatic?
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What utility does the tau bond model of orbital overlap have?

In his book on molecular orbital theory, Molecular Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions, Ian Fleming notes that Pauling formulated an early alternative model to Hückel theory for explaining the ...
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What makes banana bonds possible in diborane?

Diborane has the interesting property of having two 3-centered bonds that are each held together by only 2 electrons (see the diagram below, from Wikipedia). These are known as "banana bonds." I'm ...
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Why is benzyne an intermediate?

I've always seen benzyne (benzene with a triple bond) classified as an "intermediate". I really don't see why it needs to be an intermediate, though. The possible reasons I can come up with are flimsy:...
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