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Reaction between anilinium chloride with ferric chloride

I have a question about reaction between aniline and $\ce{FeCl3}$. I supposed that the following reaction proceeds with formation of brown precipitate: $$\ce{3C6H5NH2 + FeCl3 + 3H2O -> \underset{...
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Meta-directing nature of anilinium cations

The comments on this answer seem to detail a trend in which $\ce{NR3+, NHR2+, NH2R+}$ all show meta-directing nature towards electrophilic substitution, with the slightly stronger para-direction of $\...
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Is there a way to convert aniline to phenol without diazotizing it?

I am a high school student and while reading about reactions on amines, I was trying to figure out a way to convert aniline $(\ce{C6H5NH2})$ to phenol $(\ce{C6H5OH})$ without diazotizing it with ...
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Why is benzoic acid less soluble in water than acetanilide?

Why should acetanilide be more soluble in water than benzoic acid when benzoic acid has the same number of h-bonding sites and has an ionizable site, allowing it to form ion-dipole forces while ...
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Why is aniline more basic than pyrrole?

In a question asking to compare the basicity of pyrrole and aniline, the explanation given for aniline being more basic than pyrrole was as follows: Basicity depends on the availability of lone pair ...
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