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Temperature control and side reactions in PPAA (T3P) couplings

In a lot of procedures for amide couplings (acid + amine) using PPAA, the coupling agent is added to a cooled solution of the acid, amine, and a non-nucleophilic base such as DIPEA. This is done even ...
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Compound's reactivity in Hoffman Bromamide Reaction

I already know that the presence of electron donating groups in the soon-to-be migrating group in the Hoffman Bromamide reaction makes the molecule more reactive, but I encountered a question which ...
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By what mechanism is ammonia liberated in the Kjeldahl Method of protein determination?

I was looking at the Kjeldahl digestion of proteins, and I very much do not understand the mechanism by which it works. The reaction scheme is as follows: $$\ce{Protein-N + H_2SO_4 ->[K_2SO_4, ...
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Reaction of diamines with carboxylic acids to form imidazole

I've recently came across this reaction and my guess is that firstly an amide forms that later reacts with the second amine group. Is this a general reaction? Does it matter if the compounds used are ...
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Hydrolysis of polyamides using solid acid catalyst

The neutral hydrolysis of polyamides (eg. nylon 6,6) does not go to completion as the reaction is reversible. You can get around this by carrying out the reaction in an acidic/basic medium. With acid ...
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Amides from carboxylic acid and ammonia?

Would it be possible to synthesize amide by simply reacting carboxylic acid with ammonia and then driving off water at higher temperatures? Or would ammonia be also driven off in the process? Google ...
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How to convert lidocaine hydrochloride to lidocaine base?

I'm a hobbyist, no pro. I've got a formulation for a topical anesthetic I'm trying to mimic. It calls for lidocaine, ethoxydiglycol (also known as diethylene glycol monoethyl ether) and a couple of ...
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Why are nitriles less basic than amides?

Like nitriles have a localised lone pair which amides do not have, as their lone pair is delocalised and still amides are more basic. Why? I could not find any satisfactory explanation so please ...
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Why are amides weaker acids than water?

Based on a a recent question I asked on ChemSE, the answer to my question was that amides are weaker acids than water with a typical pKa value of ~20. Although, this answers my question, it got me ...
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How does the second hydrolysis of phthalimide work (hydrolysis of amide)?

In the hydrolysis of Phthalimides we can see two successive hydrolysis of "amides" see ChemLibre for a nice mechanism This is interesting because normally (also according to ChemLibre) ...
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Can amide form Schiff base?

Can amide ($\ce{RCONH2}$) form Schiff base? When I searched for it, most papers deal with aliphatic amines. Some paper conducted synthesis with amide-containing compound, but iminization occured at β-...
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Mechanism for formation of amides from ammonium carboxylate salts

One of the reactions that you can do with a carboxylic acid is to react it with ammonia or an amine, which produces the corresponding ammonium carboxylate salt. When this salt is heated, amide is ...
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